16 Instagrammable spots in Sydney & The Blue Mountains

There are few cities on earth as perfect for Instagram as Sydney and probably less still that are surrounded by so many gorgeous national parks. 

Here's our guide to the most Instagrammable spots in Sydney & The Blue Mountains.


1. Jeffrey St Wharf, Kirribilli

If you only have time for one sunset in Sydney, we'd strongly recommend it be here. We’ve lived here for four years now and this view still takes your breath away every time.

Bonus if you come after the rains and get that famous reflection in the puddle.

It's very easy to get to either by walking over the Harbour Bridge, a short ferry ride from Circular Quay or the North Shore Line train. It’s a place we always take visitors and is particularly beautiful at sunset.



2. Mrs MacQuarie's Chair, Botanic Gardens

A short stroll from Circular Quay, the view from Mrs MacQuarie's Chair in the heart of the Botanic Gardens is guaranteed to bring in the likes.

The harbour bridge and the Opera House are perfectly framed between the trees. It’s another great sunset spot but you will have to share it with the crowds!



3. Iceberg's, Bondi Beach

There are so many great spots in Bondi, but the view from Iceberg's is our favourite. It's probably the most famous swimming pool in Australia. If you can make it when the surf is high it's even more impressive and is particularly photogenic at sunrise. 

The best way to get here is a 20 minute bus ride from the CBD.



4. Ball's Head, Waverton

We're a little biased about Balls Head as this is a short stroll from where we live. It's more of a locals spot, so it offers a great view over the city that you will probably have all to yourself. Great at any time of day, or at night to catch those city lights. 

The easiest way to get here is by catching a train on the North Shore Line to Waverton, then walking for 10 minutes through the pretty reserve.



5. Lavender Bay

Another great sunset spot, Lavender Bay is a brilliant vantage point to look back on the city. Here you can get in all the main icons as well as the pretty boats bobbing in the harbour in the foreground.

There's also a few interesting spots to explore around here including Wendy Whiteley's secret garden.



6. Diamond Bay

This spot is definitely becoming insta famous. Watching the waves crash against the rocks is an experience in itself and if you can convince someone to sit on the edge while you stand at the top to get the shot it offers great perspective.

Diamond Bay's a short bus ride North of Bondi Beach and is well worth heading early in the day to have the place to yourself.



7. North Head, Manly

This is a great view looking back over the city from the Northern Beaches and another great sunset spot. Wander along the short Fairfax track to try out some different angles.

Take the Manly ferry from Circular Quay and then walk or catch a short bus ride to the head. 



8. Cremorne Point

Just a 10 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay takes you to the beautiful suburb of Cremorne. Million dollar views are just a few steps away from the wharf. It's a great place to bring a picnic and watch the sunset.



9. Palm Beach

Take a stroll up the short lighthouse track to reach this incredible view of both bays at Palm Beach. It’s also a great spot to whale watch in season. It's also worth stopping by at The Boathouse for some breakfast while you're here.

Palm Beach is about an hour from Sydney CBD and can be reached on the bus but if you take a car you can visit some other gorgeous beaches along the way. Try Newport and Whale beach.



10. Dudley Page Reserve, Dover Heights

Picnic spots don't get much better than Dudley Page Reserve in Dover Heights. This elevated part of the Eastern Suburbs offers a fantastic panoramic view of Sydney. So get pack up the cooler and head here for sunset!

Dover Heights is very close to Vaucluse, Watson's Bay and Bondi Beach. The best way is to drive (there's free street parking) or to get a bus from the neighbouring suburbs.



11. Lincoln Rock, Blue Mountains

Hands down our favourite edge of the world spot in the mountains. Still those jelly legs and get ready to pose. It’s also an epic sunset spot



12. Pulpit Rock, Blue Mountains

This viewpoint definitely has the wow factor. Probably best to wear a bright colour to really have the photo pop (lesson learned after we took this shot). Pulpit Rock offers panoramic views of the mountains and if you go early it's likely that there'll be no one else there.

We love walking to Pulpit Rock from Govetts Leap (6km return) but you can also head straight to the car park where it's only about a five minute walk to get there. This is a good sunrise spot. 



13. Lockley's Pylon, Blue Mountains

This is a top spot for escaping the crowds but without losing any of the epic views. This shot is taken on the walking track (7 km return) just before you head up the hill to the top of Lockley's Pylon. 

It's a pretty bad road to get there though, you don't technically need an SUV but your small car will probably hate you!



14. Castle Head, Blue Mountains

It actually took us over three years of visiting the mountains every month to reach this spot - don't ask why! It was absolutely incredible and another one where you can really avoid the crowds.

The shot is taken at the first look out you come to on the castle head walking track (4.2 km return).



15. The Grand Canyon Loop Track

One of our favourite walking tracks in the mountains, especially when you combine with other tracks to make a full day walk. These steps can be seen early on in the track, there are a few staircases in the same area but these stand out as they have a real fairy glen type feel. 

The trail starts at Evans Lookout which is a short distance from Blackheath.



A little further afield....

16. Kanangra Walls, Kanangra-Boyd National Park

This one is technically in Kanangra-Boyd national park, not the Blue Mountains but it's not too far and if you have the time you won't regret it. The lookout point 10 minutes walk from the car park is pretty fabulous but if you follow the Plateau walking trail you will quickly come to this spot, which is arguably the most instagrammable of the lot! 

Warning - the road to Kanangra Walls is a 30km dirt track. It's not too bad, but best to have some clearance as there's quite a few pot holes.


Know any great spots that we haven't covered? Let us know in the comments, we are always looking for new places to take shots.

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