India is a love or hate destination for travellers. We fall unequivocally into the love category.

This incredible country can convert non-believers into spiritual people and has the ability to make you simultaneously furious and in awe at the same time.

With some patience, you'll find India to be a destination that offers experiences unlike anywhere else in the world.


Quick Summary

  • Top Tip: Dive into the local food, you'll find it's some of the best food you'll eat travelling anywhere in the world. Just make sure the restaurant is busy (even at high-end restaurants), it's a good sign that the food is fresh and won't make you ill.
  • Visa: Thankfully you can now get a 30-day visa on arrival for most countries, avoiding the incredibly tedious process that used to be in place.
  • When to go: India has a distinct monsoon season that is best to avoid. We've travelled in October and November, finding them to be the perfect time for weather and to explore.
    • Peak Season: December - March
    • Off Season: April - September (Monsoon season)
  • Walk My World Cost Index: $ Few places are cheaper than India. In 2013 we travelled there on a budget of 25 GBP per day for the both of us (that included accommodation, food and everything we did).

Here's our favourite things to do in India