12 photos to inspire you to visit Kangaroo Island

Getting to Kangaroo Island is about to get a lot easier with Qantas launching direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne. It's one of our favourite places in Australia, so best get there before the crowds turn up!

Here's 12 of the best things to see and do.


1. Pretty obvious one to start, the roos! And they're everywhere....

It's called Kangaroo Island for a reason and it's not hard to find this Aussie icon. They look slightly different to a lot of the roos on the mainland, with darker fur.


2. This is one of the many beaches... during the busy school holidays

Vivonne Bay is stunning and it's unlikely you'll have to share it (even during peak season). The sea has so many different shades of blue and the sand is as white as it gets.


3. Wine with a view like this

Even the bistro's have sea views on Kangaroo Island! We recommend stopping by Sunset Food and Wine for some lunch and a glass of sparkling red. 


4. More wild koalas than we've seen anywhere else in Australia

18 koalas were introduced to Kangaroo Island in 1920s to attempt to increase their overall numbers. Now there's over 13,000 and it's one of the best places to go in Australia to see them in the wild.


5. Huge skies

As there's very little development, the skies are free from obstruction wherever you are. In the summer you'll get incredible skies like this one, we had streaky clouds every one of the nine days we spent on the island. 


6. You'll be lucky to see anyone else on the roads

You're more likely to find wildlife than cars on the road as there's so few people here. It's a driving paradise.


7. These rare Australian Sea Lions

One of the best things to see are the Australian Sea Lions at Seal Bay. They're happy to share their beach with you, for a little while anyway! 

It's one of the experiences we discussed in our 15 places to see iconic Australian Animals in the wild post.


8. Water like this

Yep, you've really got to go to Vivonne Bay! There's not many places we've ever been to anywhere in the world with electric blue water quite like this. 


9. Little Sahara, for sandboarding adventures

We wouldn't advise going face first like these guys though! 


10. One of our favourite places to stay in Australia

Hanson Bay Cabins with that unbeatable view. We've written a blog about it here or you can learn more through this link.


11. Views like this

The views from every part of Vivonne Bay are spectacular. Ready to book your ticket yet?


12. Did we mention the beaches?

Different beach, same empty space. If deserted beaches are your thing this is definitely the island for you.

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Have you been to KI yet? What would you suggest the best things to see and do in Kangaroo Island are? If you are planning a trip, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. 

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